Watching 360 degree videos

360 degree videos capture the view from every direction by using an omnidirectional camera or multi-camera setup, giving viewers a comprehensive view of subject. The freedom provided to viewers is one of the key advantages of 360 degree video. Viewers can choose their own views by drag control or movement of devices. The current 360 degree video… Continue reading Watching 360 degree videos


The initiative post: Sound recordists’ jobs in the production stage

Sound recordists' jobs in the production stage Crittenden (1981, p. 37) points out ‘it is the perpetual complaint of sound recordists that the aural aspect of filming is the last to be considered’. But the quality of sound really affects the final result of the film, and sound recordists’ job is far more important than… Continue reading The initiative post: Sound recordists’ jobs in the production stage

Why do people play mobile games?

In order to build a game application, we have to know why do people play mobile game first. People love playing mobile games. Gaming applications are the most popular category in Apple app store (Statista 2017). We can notice someone is playing mobile games next to you. From the classic Angry Bird to today’s game… Continue reading Why do people play mobile games?

Internet Of Things: retailing

The way we do shopping has made a big difference over the past 20 years. Difference new technologies allow us to buy clothes, electronic devices, and even fresh food online. In 2016, American online grocery is expected to top an estimated $12 billion in sales (TABS Analytics, 2016). It’s just a ‘tiny’ business in the $800 billion grocery market.… Continue reading Internet Of Things: retailing