Blurring the line: Transmedia storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is a common way to target different audiences by interest. Transmedia is a particular narrative structure that expands through both different languages and media, and it is not just an adaptation from one media to another (Scolari 2009). For example, the Batman story in comics, literary novel, film, drama and game are different… Continue reading Blurring the line: Transmedia storytelling


Promoting non-profit organizations on YouTube

Among numerous online or offline media platforms, the creation of organization videos may be the most powerful methods of creating a strong mental impression of the organization in the public’s mind (Brown 2005). Displaying the videos of the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) on YouTube is a common way to build up and promote the Organization. YouTube is… Continue reading Promoting non-profit organizations on YouTube

The initiative post: Sound recordists’ jobs in the production stage

Sound recordists' jobs in the production stage Crittenden (1981, p. 37) points out ‘it is the perpetual complaint of sound recordists that the aural aspect of filming is the last to be considered’. But the quality of sound really affects the final result of the film, and sound recordists’ job is far more important than… Continue reading The initiative post: Sound recordists’ jobs in the production stage