#6 – Reflection on the course (Sound and Image)

The course has lived up to my expectation as I have learnt what I want to learn at the beginning of the semester (improve shooting and editing skills and collaboration with others). I learnt that how things should be run in pre-production, production and post-production stages. For the preproduction stage, I learnt that all of… Continue reading #6 – Reflection on the course (Sound and Image)


#5 – Color Grade

Based on different scene and story, color grading is a good way to enhance the storytelling and create different feelings. The first scene is about Lenny is checking Mr. Sergeant’s position. I want to emphasize Lenny’s cautiousness on his face because his emotions are the key point in this scene. I increased the lights, saturation and […]

#4 – The Edit and Reflection on your Vox Pop and Interviews

Reflection on production stage of the Vox Pop Shooting Vox Pop in the library is more difficult than I thought. It's quite different from the previous shooting exercises. We have to shoot the enough number of Vox pop, b-rolls and atmos in less than 2 hours. Everything had to be doing softly in the library.… Continue reading #4 – The Edit and Reflection on your Vox Pop and Interviews

#1 – Introduction to Documentary

I would like to work in the expository mode of documentary. Nichols (2010, p. 211) stated that expository mode of documentary ‘concerns about historical accuracy and verifiability’. As expository mode of documentary is didactic, fact checking is extremely important for all information, old footages, data, etc. Expository mode of documentary ‘uses images from many different… Continue reading #1 – Introduction to Documentary