Practice­-led research Blog: Making the best use of Instagram to do promotion

Proposal Website How to make the best use of Instagram to do promotion is an issue we concern a lot during the digital story project. As different social media platform has its own social media stagey. My group mates and I think that we can't put the same content to all platforms because that will be… Continue reading Practice­-led research Blog: Making the best use of Instagram to do promotion


Promoting non-profit organizations on YouTube

Among numerous online or offline media platforms, the creation of organization videos may be the most powerful methods of creating a strong mental impression of the organization in the public’s mind (Brown 2005). Displaying the videos of the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) on YouTube is a common way to build up and promote the Organization. YouTube is… Continue reading Promoting non-profit organizations on YouTube

Why do people play mobile games?

In order to build a game application, we have to know why do people play mobile game first. People love playing mobile games. Gaming applications are the most popular category in Apple app store (Statista 2017). We can notice someone is playing mobile games next to you. From the classic Angry Bird to today’s game… Continue reading Why do people play mobile games?

Internet Of Things: retailing

The way we do shopping has made a big difference over the past 20 years. Difference new technologies allow us to buy clothes, electronic devices, and even fresh food online. In 2016, American online grocery is expected to top an estimated $12 billion in sales (TABS Analytics, 2016). It’s just a ‘tiny’ business in the $800 billion grocery market.… Continue reading Internet Of Things: retailing

User experience and information design

Providing a good user experience is now an essential for every website. User experience can extend to nearly everything in someone’s interaction with a product such as color scheme and the tone of language (Kuniavsky, p. 43). It is aims to help people work faster and make fewer mistakes (Garrett 2010). Frankly to say, every… Continue reading User experience and information design

Practice Led Research: storytelling through photonovel

My role for the digital story project is producer. I was trying to lead my group members to decide what format should we use for the story at the beginning of the project. But we lost the direction. Many ideas camp up, and we finally decided to use photonovel to tell our digital story of cultural… Continue reading Practice Led Research: storytelling through photonovel

Facebook’s Advertising Dilemma

Market research company eMarketer forecasts that Facebook will make 33.76 billion U.S. dollars from advertising in 2017. Facebook and Google are scooping up almost half of the worldwide digital ad money (Handley 2017). As a Facebook user, I can always see a large amount of ads in my news feed. Facebook advertising is undoubtedly invading… Continue reading Facebook’s Advertising Dilemma

Why mobile- friendly is so important in online promotion?

Most of the company has already adopted a mobile -first strategy in online promotion. Mobile Internet user is one of the largest target audiences for companies to promote and introduce their products. As people keep saying a good website should be mobile-friendly, why it is so important in online promotion? Firstly, there are a growing number… Continue reading Why mobile- friendly is so important in online promotion?

What are people arguing about animated documentary?

Although many scholars have defined documentary, people still have their own thought on it. When we discussed what documentary is in class, many answers came up, like ‘if it’s real footage, it’s real’ or ‘it’s objective’. Among the discussion, animated documentary is one of the most controversial examples in documentary category. Even though there’re lots of… Continue reading What are people arguing about animated documentary?