Individual Peer Review

THAT'S HIM: Blair's story is about how he becomes confident after facing culture difference in Australia. He was lonely and frustrated in a new environment but he soon realized that dancing with peer is a good way to get rid of those negative feelings. The editing of the first half of the teaser is nice, and the… Continue reading Individual Peer Review


Practice­-led research Blog: Making the best use of Instagram to do promotion

Proposal Website How to make the best use of Instagram to do promotion is an issue we concern a lot during the digital story project. As different social media platform has its own social media stagey. My group mates and I think that we can't put the same content to all platforms because that will be… Continue reading Practice­-led research Blog: Making the best use of Instagram to do promotion

Blurring the line: Transmedia storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is a common way to target different audiences by interest. Transmedia is a particular narrative structure that expands through both different languages and media, and it is not just an adaptation from one media to another (Scolari 2009). For example, the Batman story in comics, literary novel, film, drama and game are different… Continue reading Blurring the line: Transmedia storytelling

Practice Led Research: storytelling through photonovel

My role for the digital story project is producer. I was trying to lead my group members to decide what format should we use for the story at the beginning of the project. But we lost the direction. Many ideas camp up, and we finally decided to use photonovel to tell our digital story of cultural… Continue reading Practice Led Research: storytelling through photonovel