#6 – Reflection on the course (Sound and Image)

The course has lived up to my expectation as I have learnt what I want to learn at the beginning of the semester (improve shooting and editing skills and collaboration with others). I learnt that how things should be run in pre-production, production and post-production stages.

For the preproduction stage, I learnt that all of us have to know our duty and responsibility well. Shooting footage is always a group work. Someone may be in charge of the audio and others may take responsibility in lighting, etc. Each role is very important in the crew. If we don’t clarify what’s our duty is, the shooting will be a mess. Also, good preparation makes thing go smoother. For example, we have to site visit the shooting location first to predict what will happen on the shooting day. We can check all the room light and the air conditioner located to decide where should the setting be settled down.

For the production stage, I learnt that we should understand the structure of the shooting crew. For example, we should talk to the head of the unit instead of running all ideas by the director. This act prevents chaos in the crew. Also, all equipment should be prepared well before we start shooting. Setting like the white balance, focus and formatting are all important things to adjust and set up. If we remember to do those basic setting every time, the editing will be a lot easier. During the shooting, we have to be flexible as well. We have to solve problem immediately to not to disturb the shooting s schedule.

For the pro-production stage, I learnt that all footages should be well organized. Classification of files and bins help us find the correct and usable footage quickly. In additions, we can be really creative in editing. We can only learn from different ways of editing. ‘Trying’ is the key point in editing. I learnt that I should break the frames and be more creative.

For now, I’m more confidence at shooting and editing. I started to enjoy thinking of different ideas in editing. Although I still have a lot to be improved, I would like to try in different ways.

Beside the knowledge I gained for the camera and editing, I was happy to work with different classmates in those exercises. As most of the classmates are experienced in shooting and editing, working with them does inspired me in the process. They gave me a hand when I faced difficulties and tried to answer all my questions.

In summary, I learnt lots of things from the class exercises and my classmates.


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