Individual Peer Review


Blair’s story is about how he becomes confident after facing culture difference in Australia. He was lonely and frustrated in a new environment but he soon realized that dancing with peer is a good way to get rid of those negative feelings.

The editing of the first half of the teaser is nice, and the shots in different locations are beautiful. It connects audiences (international students) to have the same loneliness. But Blair didn’t mention what kind of cultural difference he is facing. For example, he can mention some conflicts between him and his local classmates. Then he finds that dancing is an international language which can break the border. Then Blair and his local classmates can dance together to deal with cultural difference.

The second half of the video made audience confused. The editing is too rough. Also, it seems like Blair has turned the ending into a romance story between him and his dance partner. The topic, cultural difference, hasn’t been shown in the story clearly.

For the social media strategy, Blair only uses Instagram to promote the digital story. I think one social media is not enough. As the digital story is presented in video format, Facebook is a better platform to promote videos. He can also promote his story to dance lovers all around the world by hashtagging dancing and culture difference..


The story HELLO is interesting. Lin’s group tells a complete story around 90 seconds successfully. The story does tell the inherent idea of Chinese and the cultural difference between western people and Chinese. Also, the background music really suits the story.

But there’re something they can improve in the final video. The subtitles should show the complete sentences including all punctuation like full stop and exclamation mark. Otherwise, audiences may think the dialogue is not finished yet. Capital letters should be used at the start of the sentence. In additions, there’s tiny grammar mistake in the acknowledgement. Audiences may think the video is not professional.

For the social media strategy, Lin’s group only focuses on Facebook. They boost their post on Facebook to reach more people. The result is very good. They can upload more behind the scenes photos and videos to Facebook.





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